Astronomie als spiritualiteit

09 feb

“What I personally get out of being an astronomer, from my privileged professional life being able to learn about astronomy and the great advances, is a feeling of being part of the whole thing. Life is part of the universe; it has a place in the universe.

Life is an astrophysical phenomenon just the same way as the astrophysical phenomena that we see in the sun, galaxies and universe as a whole. It’s all about putting our own existence into context – this extraordinary universe we live in.”

(Simon Lilly)

Who needs religion?

Lees het volledige interview


En nog uit Zwitserland: een infrarood-analyse van ons melkwegstelsel leidt tot de vaststelling dat “the Milky Way may be 15 per cent wider and contain 50 per cent more mass than previously thought. It is spinning around its centre at nearly 100,000 miles per hour faster than previously estimated. This would mean the Milky Way could crash into the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy sooner than expected.”

En wanneer deze crash zal plaatsvinden kan je in de laatste regel van dit artikel lezen.

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